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Meet the One Behind the Camera

I'm a photographer in Los Angeles that specializes in Maternity Portraits.

Hello!!! Meet Priscilla

Hey there! Welcome to my world of maternity photography! I'm Priscilla, a mom and wife just like you, navigating life's beautiful journey. Fifteen years ago, my best friend became my husband, setting me on a path of love and partnership. This deep bond shapes how I approach my work, aiming to capture genuine family emotions – the laughter, tenderness, and unbreakable connections. As a mother to an almost teenage boy, I get the joys and challenges of motherhood. My journey into maternity photography was born from my own experience.


Using my memories and emotions, I create timeless portraits that capture the love, anticipation, and radiant beauty of expectant mothers. With a decade behind the lens, I've honed my skills to ensure your comfort as we capture your radiant beauty. Every session is a heartwarming collaboration that reflects your incredible journey.

When I'm not snapping memories, my family and I love embracing good times – festivals, concerts, and delicious dining. Our can't-miss tradition? A weekly movie date! And for balance, we find peace in nature through serene strolls and exciting escapades. Completing our family is Zoe, our one-year-old long-haired chihuahua. Zoe's energy and unconditional love add joy to our lives, reminding us of the beauty in simple moments.


I truly believe life's precious moments deserve to be frozen in time, cherished forever. That's what I'm here for – capturing your journey, love, and all those amazing emotions.


Can't wait to meet you and create something truly special together.



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